About Me


Independent jeweler since 2017, 

with 10 years of expertise in a goldsmith’s and jewellery workshop,

I started learning traditional design and manufacturing techniques through close collaborations

with goldsmiths masters, jewelers, and daring designers.

I exclusively work on small collections, unique pieces and tailor-made creations in silver and gold,

adorned with precious or semi-precious stones.


DMA sculpture sur métaux ENSAAMA Olivier de Serre

Paris - 2007

CAP art du bijou et du joyau école Boulle

Paris - 2005

BTS communication visuelle

Sèvres - 2004

My Approach

Both an artifact and an illustration, each piece tells its own story.

A personal exploration approach of our inner universes made of feelings and memories to create sensitive jewelry inspired by stories of life, nature and dreams.

Special Meetings with people and travels have more recently changed my creative universe towards the use of less usual materials for classic jewelry: Old dominoes or whale bones from previous centuries, metamorphic rocks, fossilized animal teeth and shells …

My Creation Process

All my creations are handmade and produced from gold, silver or bronze using the traditional jewelry thchniques: lost wax modeling, iron casting, metal shaping, soldering, crimping, polishing, …